We provide clean, ozonated refills for household use. Purchase our BPA free PETCO bottles once-off and refill at R1/L anytime. Our bottles are safe to use for refills, and can easily be stored and used at home and on the go.

Keeping water bottles handy in the fridge and at home is a simple way to promote water intake for adults and kids.

Our small 330ml bottles are perfect for kids, while our 500ml, 750ml and 1.5L bottles are perfect for adults on the go. Keep bottled water around for kids’ lunchboxes, sports bags, to keep in the car or just grab while you’re busy around the house or heading to work.

Cooking with purified water ensures you’re using safe water for your whole family. We offer 10L and 25L water tanks, easily stored on a counter top or in the fridge, which comes with a tap for easy dispensing. 5L and 10L bottles can also be stored for easy refills. Bottled water for domestic use can also be stored around the house for extended periods for emergencies.

Why use purified water at home?

  • Cost-effective refills
  • Easy storage in fridges and on counter tops
  • Promote water intake for the whole family
  • Use for drinking, cooking and travel
  • Take bottled water along on vacation or trips
  • Bring your own containers for refills
  • Our bottles are safe for reuse
  • A wide variety of options to suit your needs

Our extended store hours ensure that you can always stop by for refills before and after work or over weekends so you’ll never go thirsty.